Last October 27th, 24/2021 Decree Law, of October 26th, to accelerate the deployment of renewable energies, which modifies  16/2019 Decree Law, was published in the DOGC of November 26th, of urgent measures for the climatic emergency and the promotion of renewable energies.

The main novelties included in Decree Law 24/2021 and that affect us are the following:

– It favors the participation of local actors (City Council and citizens).

– Orders the formulation of a territorial planning for the generation of renewable energies in Catalonia (including the evacuation lines), within a period of 6 months from the entry into force of the Decree Law.

– The specific criteria for the implementation of wind farms and photovoltaic plants are redefined.

– Social acceptance improvements are included, which involve:

• Provide the commitment, prior to the public information of the project, of 50% of the private agricultural land on which the photovoltaic plant or the cementing of the wind turbines is projected, including the land of the electrical substation and excluding the accesses and lines evacuation.

• Offer a local participation of the project of 20% of its property or its financing.

– The prior viability consultation of the location in the Renewable Energies Conference disappears.

– In order to request the DUP (Declaration of Public Utility) together with the prior administrative authorization, it will be necessary to justify the achievement of 85% of the occupied private area.

– It establishes a temporary regime that is currently being interpreted by the Legal Counsel of the General Directorate of Energy and formulated, as a query, to the Government, since it is not clear how to apply with respect to projects that had already been started previously.

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