On December 30, 2020, Royal Decree 1183/2020 was published in the BOE, which regulates access and connection to the electric power transmission and distribution network. In it, the regulatory deployment of the conditions of access and connection to the network is carried out as indicated in article 33 of Law 24/2013 of the Electricity Sector.

How does it affect us?

– Through this royal decree the obligation of the previous regulations is eliminated so that the applicant is the one who, through a sole procedure established therein, is directly related to the manager of the transmission and distribution network that will also have web platforms dedicated to its management, processing and information.

– The figure of the Node Single Interlocutor (IUN) disappears except for files already started.

– To condition the administrative authorization of evacuation infrastructures on the presentation by the owners of said evacuation lines of a document that proves the existence of a binding agreement for the shared use of the same by all permit holders of access and connection in the same line position.

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