Iplan employees are one of the strategic assets of the company. A multidisciplinary team of professionals in the sector that brings great value, making it possible for us to grow year after year and embrace new horizons. In that way, the social commitment we have with them, is reflected in the values of our company:
At IPlan, we work to improve the quality of life of our professionals and their families. While doing so, we promote equal opportunities by offering different reconciliation measures, such as flexible schedules, intensive workdays on Fridays and vacations agreed upon mutual agreement.
Iplan has a firm commitment to gender equality in its sphere of influence, guaranteeing in the workplace the same opportunities for entry and professional development at all levels. In this plan, it works to improve the possibilities of access for women to positions of responsibility, helping to reduce inequalities and imbalances, preventing labor discrimination based on sex (included in the Code of Conduct) and Applying a non-discrimination policy.
We ensure safe working conditions, responsible management of the environment, we express our firm rejection of any type of discrimination and our commitment to respect human rights.
Our remuneration system is based on criteria of fairness, non-discrimination, transparency and recognition.


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